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Mazak Nexus HCN 5000

Mazak Nexus HCN 5000
A high power, high spindle speed, high coolant presure, horizontal milling center with a 120 tool magazine.  The ideal machine for complex, highly accurate parts.

-18,000 RPM, 40 HP Spindle


Palletech High-Rise 3 Level System

This system has a triple level pallet stocker for unsurpassed productivity with the minimum floor space requirements.  Up to 18 pallets are loaded and automatically fed into the HCN 5000 for machining.

Palletech includes a simple, yet effective scheduler, which allows jobs to be queued and prioritized for “lights out” operation.  Yet when the prototype job or the emergency delivery arises, it can be given top priority in the schedule without the need for re-organizing other work. 

Palletech cells are an effective strategy for both low-volume and high-volume requirements.

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